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What's better than coming up with sitcom ideas to pitch to NBC? Hey, if NBC doesn't pick these up, at least UPN will.

Swim Coach Anderson

No Name As Of Yet
Starring: Reuben Studdard and Anthony Anderson
Here's the Deal: Reuben is the overweight younger brother to fiesty girls swim coach Anderson. In their spare time, they run bake sales all over town to raise money for a jai alai center, but they always end up eating whatever they are selling. Mishaps & hijinx ensue!

Ups and Downs (Syndrome)
Starring: Corky from 'Life Goes On'
Storyline: Remember that retarted kid from 'Life Goes On'? Corky? Well, he shares his daily troubles and highlights after being elected sheriff of a small Wisconsin county.

Older Milwaukee
Starring: Billy Dee Williams and Lance Bass
Storyline: Two old men sit at a local bar and swap stories of war, women and STDs.

"God has E.D."
Storyline: God, played by Tom Selleck is having problems with the ladies. Omnipotent or impotent?

Jackson's Five Year Old
Storyline: Michael Jackson, celebrating his release from prison, buys an Indonesian boy with the money he raised from working the D-block. Guest stars Osama bin Laden converting hobos into a deadly army of panhandlers.

'Italians In Space' or something like that:
Starring: Joey Fatone and Ray Romano
Storyline: On a space mission, Joey ruins the navigation system by spilling spaghetti sauce all over it. They're stuck in space, until being rescued by two sexy female aliens played by (insert funny stereotype here) who are looking to get married and take them back to their own planet, which vaguely resembles 1930s Poland.

Remember that time you stuck a Corona bottle in my ass?
Starring: Those black kids from 'Good Burger'
Storyline: Every episode involves sodomy with a beer bottle.
P.S. They run a SCUBA shop.